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Mass Intentions

Offering a Mass for a special intention is a long-standing tradition of the Catholic Church. One of the greatest acts of charity is to pray for the living and the dead. The greatest and most powerful prayer we have is the Mass, since the fruits of the Mass are the fruits of Jesus' redemption. For that reason, all are encouraged to have Mass offered for loved ones. Masses are offered for many reasons: for the souls in purgatory, in remembrance from someone who is deceased, or for a living person in honor of a birthday or special anniversary.

Mass intentions are published weekly in the Sunday bulletin. Mass Intentions are a personal donation, but the suggested amount is $10. This stipend or offering signifies the sacrificial nature of giving of something of yourself to associate more intimately with Christ who offers himself in the Eucharist.

Mass cards are available to be given to the family of the deceased or the living person in which you are requesting the Mass. The Mass time and date are listed on the card, as a memento and remind of your kind thought of their loved one.

Please consider the following guidelines carefully:

  • Only one Mass Intention per Mass is allowed by Canon Law of the Catholic Church. Each Mass is said for one person or one family.
  • Mass Intentions cannot be scheduled for All Souls Day or Good Friday.
  • One Mass every Sunday must be scheduled by the Pastor for the intentions of our parishioners known as "Pro Populo" (For the People).
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